Why LED?

LED lighting brings with it many features which make it the natural choice for today’s retail environments.

Benefits of LED lighting in retail

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1. Energy efficient Whether you are upgrading an existing lighting installation or bringing illumination into your retail displays for the first time, LED lighting will guarantee the most efficient display when it comes to energy saving. LED’s have proven to boast around a 50% energy saving over conventional illumination products.

2. Environment Here at Bartuf we recognise the importance of environmentally friendly retail displays. With sustainable design an ever growing trend and also the pressure on suppliers to offer products which help retailers to lower their carbon footprint, the addition of the BARliteLED™ product to the Bartuf catalogue complements our products that are already of a sustainable design.

3. Long life LED’s typically have a run time in excess of 50,000 hours. Once you move to an LED system, you can be sure it will serve you well in creating the best illuminated retail display for a very long time.

4. Latest lighting technologyMany industries are seeing the benefits of LED lighting from energy efficiencies to creating the sharpest and brightest lighting source possible. Retail is starting to adopt this lighting technology for the main in store illumination and also for secondary lighting within the retail displays themselves, overall creating a very modern look and guaranteeing the best possible product presentation.

5. Durable Retail display lighting can often be subject to high levels of impact due to the nature of what it needs to achieve and where it needs to be positioned. LED’s are a solid state technology and unlike conventional lighting products, they do not have fragile internal parts thus making them extremely robust. This is ideal for retail displays which could be subjected to frequent weight loading and impacts such as magazine display fixtures.

6. Low maintenanceLED lights require little care and attention once installed due to the nature of the technology, making them an ideal solution for retail display applications where store staff time is precious. Bulb replacements are rare, keeping maintenance costs and waste products to a minimum.

7. Size Individual LED’s are very small and therefore LED lighting product sizes can be kept to a minimum. Working with such a small product allows designers of retail displays to add them to almost any project and in to even the tightest of spaces. Some conventional lighting prevented the ability of adding illumination to such applications, LED has changed this and opened up endless opportunities to add illumination to really enhance your retail store designs.

8. Low operating temperatures LED’s do not generate much heat therefore making them an ideal solution for applications where conventional lighting products may have been detrimental to the products on display. Opening up opportunities to use LED display lighting in categories such as confectionery.

9. High quality lighting Producing a clean, crisp and bright light, LED’s can enhance any retail display in any environment. Giving maximum visual impact in both brightness and colour enhancement, an LED lighting product will bring any retail display to life and has proven to increase sales in many product categories.

10. Return on investment Although LED technology can be slightly higher in cost than conventional lighting, the lower running costs guarantee the payback period will be kept to a minimum. This, coupled with the added benefit of a very long life expectancy, makes the LED option an extremely viable commercial solution.

11. Low voltage LED lamps are generally run from a 12v power source once it gets to the display end of the installation making the illumination system a very safe product to have installed in your retail environments.

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